Carbon Mapper Shares Research at AGU Fall Meeting

December 13—17, 2021 the Carbon Mapper team and partners will gather with fellow Earth and space scientists at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. The meeting is considered the most influential event dedicated to the advancement for Earth and space sciences—bringing together more than 25,000 attendees including researchers, scientists, educators, students, policymakers, enthusiasts, journalists, and communicators.

The AGU Fall Meeting aims to provide attendees with a better understanding of our planet and environment, and our significant role in preserving its future. Carbon Mapper has a strong presence at the event to share important research and insights from sustained remote observations of methane emissions and participate in discussions that advance our mutual understanding of the importance of independent satellite monitoring in our global fight against climate change.

Carbon Mapper Speakers & Sessions

Riley Duren
Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Dan Cusworth
Carbon Project Scientist


Dr. Alana Ayasse
Research Scientist


Carbon Mapper Partner Speakers

Sarah Shivers
Planet Labs

Other research highlighted
Carbon Mapper staff were co-authors on the following research that will be featured at The AGU Fall Meeting.

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