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The Carbon Mapper Coalition

The Carbon Mapper Coalition is a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership working to develop and deploy two satellites that will help us detect, quantify, and share facility-scale data on greenhouse gas emissions to empower mitigation action. This collaboration lays the foundation for a larger goal to scale the system to a full constellation — providing routine monitoring and accelerating impact.

A unique partnership

Backed by philanthropy and led by Carbon Mapper, the coalition brings together entities with expertise across technology, science, engineering, government, and policy. Together, we are capable of driving more impact than any one organization could accomplish on its own at the scale needed to drive emissions reductions.

Coalition members

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Planet Labs PBC, California Air Resources Board (CARB), University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and RMI — along with funders, including High Tide Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment among others.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA airplane on the tarmac

Other collaborators

We work with other organizations, institutions, and initiatives in a variety of ways to provide access to actionable data and insights on greenhouse gas emissions.


University of Michigan
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University of Michigan
Stanford University
Stanford University logo
Stanford University
Harvard University
Harvard University logo
Harvard University
PSE Healthy Energy
PSE Healthy Energy logo
PSE Healthy Energy

Data and impact

Waste MAP
Waste MAP logo
Waste MAP
Global Waste Pathway
Global Waste Pathway logo
Global Waste Pathway
EDF's Permian Map
EDF's Permian Map logo
EDF's Permian Map
Industrious Labs
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Industrious Labs

Advisory Committees

Carbon Mapper’s advisory committees are industry experts assembled to help keep us on the cutting edge of science, technology, policy, and impact. They assist Carbon Mapper in making strategic decisions and support specific projects.

Science and Measurement Committee

The Science and Measurement Committee brings global expertise in earth and atmospheric science, remote sensing, and measurement, monitoring, reporting, and verification (MMRV) frameworks.

Dr. Eric KortChair, University of Michigan

Prof. Dr. Ilse AbenSRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Dr. Joule BergersonUniversity of Calgary

Dr. Adam BrandtStanford University

Prof. Dr. Andre ButzHeidelberg University

Dr. Christian FrankenbergCalifornia Institute of Technology

Deborah GordonRMI

Dr. Francesca HopkinsUniversity of California, Riverside

Dr. Daniel JacobHarvard University

Dr. Daniel ZimmerleColorado State University

Colin McCormickClimate TRACE, Georgetown University

Policy and Impact Committee

The Policy and Impact Committee consists of professionals with deep expertise translating data into policies and programs designed to reduce emissions at local and global scales.

Deborah GordonCo-Chair, RMI

Mary NicholsCo-Chair, former CARB

Robert MurphyFormer Chevron/Aclima

Tim GouldInternational Energy Agency

Dr. Rob JacksonStanford University

Giulia FerriniClimate and Clean Air Coalition

Dr. Kelly Sims GallagherTufts University

Kate FayFormer EPA Region 8/Noble Energy

Hilton KelleyCommunity In-Power and Development Association Inc.

Dr. David McCabeClean Air Task Force