About Us

Who We Are

Carbon Mapper, Inc., is a non-profit (501c3) entity with a mission to deliver and guide the adoption of digital public goods that facilitate timely action to mitigate human impacts to Earth’s climate and ecosystems.

Powered by philanthropy, Carbon Mapper has convened a broad unique coalition of private and public-sector actors with the combined expertise and resources to deploy a science-driven, sustained, and operational decision support service for maximum impact. Our partners are Planet, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the State of California, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, RMI, and our philanthropic sponsors.


Meet the Team

Board of Directors


Richard Lawrence


Mary Nichols


Riley Duren


Marisa de Belloy


Richard Corey


Ailun Yang


Hon. Steven S. Cliff, Ph.D

Carbon Mapper Staff

Riley Duren of Carbon Mapper

     Riley Duren

Chief Executive Officer

Judy Lai-Norling of Carbon Mapper

Judy Lai-Norling

Chief Operating Officer

Jade Dhatchayangkul of Carbon Mapper

Jade Dhatchayangkul

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Greg Asner

Dr. Greg Asner

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Daniel Cusworth of Carbon Mapper

Dr. Dan Cusworth

Director of Science

Kenzie Huffman of Carbon Mapper

Kenzie Huffman

Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Alex Diamond of Carbon Mapper

Alex Diamond

Director of Products and Engineering

Dr. Alana Ayasse of Carbon Mapper

Dr. Alana Ayasse

Research Scientist

Pavel Dorovskoy of Carbon Mapper

Pavel Dorovskoy

Data Platform Technical Lead

Kelly O'Neill of Carbon Mapper

Dr. Tia Scarpelli

Waste Sector Lead

David Stepp of Carbon Mapper

Yvette Axsom

Administrative and Recruiting Assistant

Vaiman Shum of Carbon Mapper

Dr. Daniel Bon

Program Manager

David Stepp of Carbon Mapper

David Stepp

Data Engineer

Dr. Justin Fisk of Carbon Mapper

Carmen Barraza

Finance Manager

Photo of Zach Franz of Carbon Mapper

Zach Franz

Sr. Front End Engineer

Kate Howell of Carbon Mapper

Kate Howell

Research Analyst

Deja Newton of Carbon Mapper

 Ashton Jackson

Mission Operations Coordinator

Headshot of Ralph Jiorle of Carbon Mapper

Ralph Jiorle

Airborne Coordinator & Data Engineer

Deja Newton of Carbon Mapper

Deja Newton

Data Analyst

Kelly O'Neill of Carbon Mapper

Kelly O’Neill

Research Analyst

Vaiman Shum of Carbon Mapper

Vaiman Shum

Senior Accountant

Vaiman Shum of Carbon Mapper

Annabelle Blair

Communications Manager

Partner Team Leads


Jeff Guido

Senior Director for Planet’s New Space Missions


Mark Keremedjiev

Mission Director


James Mason

Senior Vice President Space Systems


Robbie Schingler

Co-founder and CSO, Planet


Kirk Seaman

JPL Payload Manager


Dr. Robert Green

JPL Payload Scientist


Elizabeth Scheehle

California Air Resources Board, Research Division Chief


Dr. Jorn Herner

California Air Resources Board, Research Planning, Administration & Emissions Mitigation Branch Chief


Deborah Gordon

RMI, Senior Principal

Advisory Committees

Science and Measurement Committee

Dr. Eric Kort

 Chair / University of Michigan

Prof. Dr. André Butz

Heidelberg University

Dr. Daniel Jacob

Harvard University

Prof. Dr. Ilse Aben

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Dr. Christian Frankenberg

California Institute of Technology

Dr. Daniel Zimmerle

Colorado State University

Dr. Joule Bergerson

University of Calgary

Deborah Gordon


Colin McCormick

ClimateTRACE and Georgetown University

Dr. Adam Brandt

Stanford University

 Dr. Francesca Hopkins

University of California – Riverside

Policy and Impact Committee

Deborah Gordon

Co-chair / RMI

Dr. Rob Jackson


Hilton Kelley

Community In-power and Development Association Inc.

Mary Nichols

Co-chair / fmr CARB

Giulia Ferrini


Dr. David McCabe

Clean Air Task Force

Robert Murphy

fmr Chevron/Aclima

Dr. Kelly Sims Gallagher


Tim Gould


Kate Fay

fmr. EPA Region 8/Noble Energy