Pinpointing, quantifying and communicating methane emissions at the scale of individual facilities is increasingly urgent, particularly on the heels of unprecedented U.S. domestic and international commitments to curb methane. We can’t manage what we don’t measure, and increased transparency of super emitters across all sources via airborne and satellite observation is key to driving focused actions to reduce emissions.

Our Theory of Change

We’re committed to using science-based methods to help accelerate mitigation action on several major fronts through:

  • Offering a methane leak detection service for operators to enable timely repairs
  • Contributing to methane intensity indicators to support market-based decarbonization of supply chains
  • Providing independent quantification of CO2 emissions from industrial facilities globally
  • Improving overall environmental situational awareness for governments, companies and civil society

In addition to contributing data on high emission methane and CO2 point sources to the growing global ecosystem of observing systems, Carbon Mapper will offer technical support to end-users towards maximizing impact of the data. We plan to engage a broad cross-section of stakeholders to understand their needs, make Carbon Mapper more responsive to those needs, and help them infuse advanced remote-sensing data into decision making.