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Accelerating local climate action, globally.

Satellite view of Earth's horizon from space

Our mission

Our mission is to drive greenhouse gas emission reductions by making methane and carbon dioxide data accessible and actionable.

Image of the Carbon Mapper data portal showing a methane plume

Data and Science

Our data portal includes observations of methane and CO2 super-emitters across the globe. We detect, pinpoint and quantify emissions at a facility-scale and make this data available to the public, providing accessibility and transparency to maximize impact.

Open data portal

A unique public-private partnership

To accomplish our mission, Carbon Mapper leads a unique coalition of partners — powered by philanthropy — to develop and deploy two satellites with capabilities to detect and quantify methane and CO2 super-emitters at a level of granularity needed to support direct mitigation action.

Translating data to impact

Our data helps fill gaps in understanding the size and scope of methane and CO2 emissions and supports direct mitigation from facilities and operators. We partner with groups across government, policy, industry, and nonprofit groups to help translate data into meaningful insights and tools that help decision-makers around the globe.

Total methane plumes on our portal


We use precision visible-infrared imaging spectrometers on satellites and aircraft to locate, quantify and track methane and CO₂ point-source emissions.

Total CO₂ plumes on our portal


Carbon Mapper's goal is to expand to a full constellation that would provide sustained, high frequency monitoring of priority regions around the globe.

Total methane emissions on our portal


kg Ch4/hr

We’re making our methane and CO₂ data available to the public on an ongoing basis through our global data portal, enabling science-based action through transparent, peer-reviewed methods.

Resources Hub

Dive into our science, research, news and educational resources.


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